Husband-Wife Garage Entrepreneur

Husband-Wife Garage Entrepreneur Team Launches Locally Developed VentPourri Home Fragrance System

Innovative Home Fragrance System Offers Affordable, Low-waste Means to Eliminate Household Odors

October 26, 2009

WAKE FOREST, N.C.–(Business Wire)—Locally developed by garage entrepreneurs Jerry and Regina Tobin, the VentPourri provides homeowners with a safe, low-waste alternative to fragrance plug-ins or dry potpourri, which can be ingested by children. The VentPourri, a lightweight plastic fragrance dispenser, attaches magnetically to household air vents to release a unique, long-lasting scent. The Tobins will introduce the VentPourri home fragrance system to the Triangle area community at the Wake Forest Business Expo on Tuesday, Oct. 27 and at other upcoming local events.

“VentPourri is a potpourri dispensing hardware product that uses fragrance oils, and once the heating or cooling system is activated, air flows over the scented fragrance wick filling the room with a pleasing fragrance,” said Jerry Tobin. “VentPourri is safer than aerosol sprays, electrical plug-ins, burning candles, and hot potpourri burners which may be considered harmful to pets and young children.”

With minimal parts and no need for plug-ins or batteries, the VentPourri sits firmly and discretely on vents throughout the home. Users need only to place a few droppers full of oil on the biodegradable paper wick, insert the wick in the reusable VentPourri plastic dispenser and attach it to an air vent. A stylish floral design allows the VentPourri to compliment any home décor.

An adjustable holder releases the fragrance which can eliminate many odors from pets and cooking. Oils come in four types from the Body & Bath, Kitchen, Designer and Floral fragrance lines. Users can mix and match refreshing scents like Grandma’s Kitchen and the spa-fresh Clean Linen to create an ambiance that feels like home. Men and women alike will appreciate the variety of choices ranging from the Plumeria scent, a popular floral fragrance, to Rain, a gentle, springtime scent with an outdoorsy twist. Each scented wick lasts up to 30 days for a fragrance dispersed evenly throughout the room while air conditioners or heating systems are in use.

The VentPourri will also be featured at the Mothers of Preschoolers sales event at Crossroads Fellowship on Millbrook Road on Oct. 27. Local homeowners can look forward to monthly releases of new fragrance oils as well as seasonal scents.

About the VentPourri

VentPourri designers Jerry and Regina Tobin offer innovative home fragrance products that are easy to install and maintain. The VentPourri home fragrance system’s compact design fits right in with home furnishings and the variety of scent options affords customers with the ability to create an ambiance unique to their home. Learn more at

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  1. Kathy Hush says:

    The fragrances are fantastic. I am so impressed with you sticking to your dream and never ever stepping away from it. So excited to see you on facebook now. :) Everyone should know about VentPourri! Kathy

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    Thank you for your kind words! Just so everyone knows our Facebook page is

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